DealMakers AFRICA Q1 2020

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From the editors desk

by Marylou Greig

M&A Regional Analysis


A ‘Dicey’ Matter: 
The Fate of Employees in Mergers and Acquisitions

by Jacob Ochieng, Sandra Kavagi and Sheila Nyakundi, Oraro & Company

Implementation of the COMESA Treaty in Uganda: A Commercial Perspective

by Silver Kayondo, Ortus Advocates

The Rationale for Consolidation in Banking

by Gauri Gupta, I&M Burbidge Capital

What new digital taxes contemplated in the finance act mean for digital trade and services in Kenya

by John Syekei, Nikhil Hira, Denis Magonga and Angela Mukora, Bowmans

Monopoly: AI Edition

by Angelo Tzarevski and Kirsty Gibson