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12 October 2018

Forage Orbit Garant BF S.A.S. has acquired the drilling business of Project Production International BF S.A. for US$6,4m.... Read more

DealMakers AFRICA 2022 Annual Issue
The Annual Gala Awards are back!
On 14 March 2023, DealMakers
AFRICA will proudly host the Annual Awards in Nairobi, Kenya. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of 2022!


Editorial submissions for DealMakers AFRICA

We encourage industry participants to submit their articles for inclusion in our quarterly issues.

  • No fee to submit editorial

  • Content must be relevant to the M&A | Private Equity | Capital Markets industries across Africa

  • Exclusive content (not published previously)

  • All articles are subject to style editing

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M&A Pulse - The weekly newsletter roundup of M&A and corporate finance activity from across the African continent.

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